Cigarettes were once deemed a danger to our race. It wasn’t culturally acceptable to smoke. However, in order to curb its use, the lawmakers passed laws which made it legal. Moreover, heavy taxation was placed on the sale of tobacco. This made it a luxury, not the common man could afford. The same case was replicated in case of marijuana in the recent past. However, it has been noted that medical marijuana or cannabis has many benefits as it helps in fighting many diseases and its symptoms. Some of the diseases which cannabis helps against are Neurological diseases.

Cannabis vs. Parkinson’s

Many studies have been conducted which point towards the fact that cannabis can be used in order to treat the pain and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. According to one of the research, it may alleviate the symptoms but their remarkable receptor-mediated modulatory action in the basal ganglia output nuclei cannot be ignored.
It has also been pointed out that cannabis holds the required antioxidant agents that protect the neuron from disintegration. Results show that cannabis delays and at times stop the degeneration of the neuron system, which is yet to be done by medical science.

Cannabis vs. Multiple sclerosis
Many experiments have been carried out in collaboration with Cannabis and MS patients. A group of MS patients was given oral cannabis extracts and muscle stiffness improved as an aftermath. It was also noted that body pain subsided and the quality of sleep cycle got better. There were no health safety issues; however, some adverse effect like UTI, dizziness and dry mouth came out as a post ingestion symptom.
Cannabis extract spray was also used as an experiment on MS patients. The minor symptoms and pains related to MS were resolved using this. As a result, many countries are legalizing procedure in order to treat MS with extracts of cannabis.

Cannabis vs. Epilepsy
Many tests have been conducted for patients running into epilepsy seizures, in collaboration with cannabis. A number of laboratory and clinical tests point out that cannabidiol (a compound in Cannabis) can help in controlling epilepsy seizures. However, these tests were marred with federal laws and a shortage of funds. The epilepsy foundation states that if no other method of treatment is working, cannabis can be authorized as a method of cure. However, they also state that the treatment should always be done under federal and state laws.

Cannabis and Tourette’s syndrome
Various researches have proved that cannabis has a suppressing effect on the patients of Tourette’s syndrome. One of the studies proves that cannabis brings about the noteworthy betterment of tics and OCB. Another research which spanned over 6 weeks showed a significant reduction in the tics with the TS patients. The best part of these researchers is that there have been no significant side effects noted across the board when cannabis was used to suppress TS. These side effects may have been visual and verbal impairment along with a reduction in reaction and concentration time. Therefore, it can be easily said that use of cannabis is a tested method of treating TS patients without having any long term side effects.



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